Deb Johnstone

Transformational Life and Business Coach

NLP Practitioner | EDISC Consultant and Trainer

Professional Mindset Corporate Leadership Business Speaker and Coach

If you are serious about setting yourself free from whatever is holding you back from being the very best version of yourself and being super successful in your career &/or your personal development then look no further than Deb Johnstone! I’ve done Deb’s courses, I use her Yearly Success Planner and have a monthly coaching session (for almost 3 years & have never missed a month). Through my work with Deb, I have seen my income triple and most importantly, I have cleared many personal road blocks that were sabotaging my success! Transformational Pathways is an investment in your future self and the life of your dreams!

Yolonde Entsch

Empowering Women Empowering Communities

Exactly what I was looking for! Objectives achieved, future direction and goals set. The connection and support from others in the group was invaluable, often the lightbulb moments would happen during discussions. I would highly recommend Deb and this course for anyone that is feeling overwhelmed and seeking clarity to move forward, the course fully exceeded my expectations. My big takeaway was about priorities, the importance of effective planning and reviewing, procedures and putting the time aside to complete it. All contributing towards a much greater work-life balance – Thank you Deb!

Rachel Parsonage

The Copy Shop Business Centre

I highly recommend Deb as a business coach. During our sessions Deb helped me to get a clear understanding on my business and how it is aligned with my inner personality. What are my core values and how those integrate with my business vision. It is amazing that session after session all the puzzle pieces came to be a clear bright image. Deb provided professional guidance and best support I could get. I was very excited after each session on the results I was getting. I could see the questions unfolding. I am very grateful for getting a clear vision on what I have to do to achieve my goals. Deb is very efficient, there is no talking around. Her questions and observations are very sharp and to the point. I am very lucky to work with Deb. I moved forward very quickly. I definitely got what I came for and even more. Thank you!

Violetta Sekler

Relationship and Breakup Expert

I contacted Deb almost 6 months ago feeling like I was in a rut both personally and professionally and was desperate to change my situation. I feel that I am more aware now and that I have grown in areas of my life that were stagnant. I am no longer in a state of overwhelm within my business and have relevant strategies in place to assist me. I have even taken the big step of now having an employee. I am on my way to achieving my dream life and I have Deb to thank for helping me and showing me the way. The changes I see are all positive and exciting. I have even had friends tell me how happy and relaxed I am looking now. Onwards and upwards!

Megan Henry

Papyrus Business Services

I have been working with Deb for the larger part of 2017 and I am now currently one of her students in her 2018 Mindset for Business Coaching program (which is absolutely fantastic!). When I first started coaching with Deb in 2017 I had a bunch of overwhelming, self-limiting beliefs and thoughts that kept weighing me down, which in turn inhibited me from making progress forward. From my one on one coaching sessions with Deb I began to understand not only the emotional and physical ways in which I was responding, but I also learnt that the ways in which I was reacting in my mind and how that was really holding me back. From working with Deb, I have taken the steps to really change my previous unproductive habitual thoughts, and through the tools she has provided me with, I have been able to transform unhelpful habits into helpful ones, choose a way of thinking that really empowers and drives me to be my best, as well as be more organised and focused on what I really want and be completely driven to achieve my full potential of success.

I love Deb’s approach to mindset because she covers all levels, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, and she is so well-educated in all areas. Deb has given me the tools that I needed to really get my engine going and moving forward. She has helped me to really see my own true potential and helped me to light my own way. I want to make that last sentence really clear- she has helped me to ‘help myself’ in lighting my own way. You see that is the beautiful thing that Deb does – she doesn’t tell you what you need to do, or how to do it, she helps you to discover that yourself, which I believe is most empowering gift any coach can give to their clients, that is – to help, support and guide their clients as they pave their own way with their own light. If you are contemplating coaching with Deb Johnstone, I highly recommend you invest in yourself with such a good quality coach, she is just fantastic, Thank you Deb <3

Amelia Tulsi Elgar, Cairns

When I reached out to Deb I was 29 and hadn’t worked in two years after going through a loss of confidence at my previous job. I had been attending a psychologist and had been unable to tell her it wasn’t working anymore.  To cut a long story short I reached out to Deb. I was absolutely amazed with the results. After our first meeting I had a long open conversation with my mother and was even able to tell her I loved her, something I had always found difficult to do. And through my journey with Deb I grew and learnt so much about myself. I was able to acheive things I didn’t think were possible, like taking that massive step of regaining employment into customer service which is something I had always feared greatly. I am now two months in and doing shifts alone! None of this would have been possible without the sessions with Deb. So thank you so much, you have really helped me turn my life around.

Clinton Nightingale, Cairns

Realising the need to put steps into place to move forward with my desired achievements I contacted Deb. Major lifestyle changes were underway and I needed assistance in mapping out how to make the most of this opportunity. The goal setting process, analysis, and projections have all been pivotal in achieving many of the goals I had outlined. The amount that I have achieved in a small time frame has been astounding -beyond my expectations.

Deb’s assistance in goal setting and instigating change has propelled me toward achieving my goals and ambitions. I will continue to see Deb when I know I need a push and guidance to keep me on track and focused.

Thank you Deb!

FL, Cairns

When I first approached Deb, I was looking for a coach that would:

  • Help me identify and challenge negative beliefs so that I could move forward.
  • Help me clarify my goals, and ways to break them down into ‘next steps’ for action.
  • Help me be accountable and maintain momentum, establish new positive habits and way of living. I wanted to break out of the old ways!!!

I was skeptical that anyone would be able to help me achieve all those things. I had tried so many times to break out of old beliefs and patterns, but never succeeded. I was also very wary of trusting anyone with those things that made me feel very vulnerable.

Deb has been amazing. She has been non-judgmental and supportive all the way, while still keeping me accountable. At times, I was a little skeptical about some of her methods but I am so glad I kept an open mind because six months on, I can’t believe how much I have achieved and the radical changes that I’ve made in my life. I highly recommend Deb to anyone who wants to make lasting changes and improve their life.

AJ, Cairns

I’m grateful everyday that I met and hired Deb Johnstone as my mindset coach. After one on one coaching for about 3 months, I knew I wanted to continue these sessions for as long as it took. I’ve now been working with Deb for over 2 years.

Deb has helped me find excitement again and showed me the tools I needed to grow as a person. By being open and honest I gained so, so much. Deb helped me to understand me, and why I do the things I do. By finally understanding my values and my old beliefs I have been able to deal with situations a whole lot better. I now have amazing ‘light bulb’ moments, I have more clarity with what I want and need in my life and I’m so much more aware of me and what I’m feeling and how to get myself out of ‘flat’ moments. I’m definitely a much more positive and happier person now, (just ask my husband!)

Thank you Deb, I feel alive again! I was asleep for so long and didn’t even realise it. There’s no more ‘should of’, ‘wish I did’ thoughts, now I just do them!

Everybody needs you in their lives Deb, everyone! I can never thank you enough, for what you’ve opened my eyes and mind to.

Christine Franklin, Cairns

Whatever I wanted to achieve or thought I wanted to achieve in life, I invited challenges to my way of thinking. This is why I undertook the program with Deb. The sessions provided the correct enriching fodder for this profound shift in thinking to occur. The journey to what I am and will become has begun.

My recommendation to anyone wanting to take Debbie on as a coach is to approach the time with a blank slate and see what comes of it. The meaning of life is to allow yourself to unfold both consciously and unconsciously. A good coach will direct you on this path. Debbie has the gift.

JB, Cairns

I have always had a mental block on completing paperwork and understanding accounting. As you can imagine this is a problem when running a business. After accepting the challenge to publicly explain how a P&L report works it became obvious that I needed help in removing this block. Deb was able to guide me through finding what the problem stemmed from and helped me to deal with the issues that surfaced. My presentation went off without a hitch and with a newfound confidence.

Thank you Deb!

Peter C, Cairns

As a young person, receiving coaching from Deb Johnstone has truly been a life changing experience. With Deb, I have been able to change beliefs about myself and my life, and I have completed my experience feeling capable, empowered, and fearless. I would recommend Deb to anyone who is unsure of themselves or their direction, as she truly is an encouraging and inspiring coach.
SM, Cairns

I have worked with Deb over the last 7 weeks and there have definitely been positive changes in my life.

Working with Deb has been a great blessing. She has been remarkably supportive and compassionate, yet proficient at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stood in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals.

With Deb’s help I was able to develop a deeper understanding of myself and what needed to be done. Deb has helped me to believe in myself and work through many barriers that were holding me back from being the person I want to be … And now I am on my way to being that person.

I would happily recommend Deb to anyone.

Thanks for everything.

TC, Victoria

I have been lucky enough to work with Deb over 6 sessions and there have definitely been positive changes in all areas of my life.

I was struggling with confidence and assertiveness, which was affecting my happiness in relationships with my husband and friendships, and also in the workplace.  With Deb’s help I was able to develop a deeper understanding of myself and what needed to be done.  Deb assisted me to truly believe in myself and have the confidence to say how I really feel without fear.   I have learnt how to maintain my new, improved confidence and assertiveness, which has led to more job satisfaction at work and happier relationships at home with my family and friends.

After our discussions, I feel positive, happier, calmer and full of confidence that I will achieve my goals.

I would happily recommend Deb to anyone.
Alison M, Victoria

Deb gave me the tools to identify my personality traits and values, which has allowed me to clarify what is really important to me. She challenged me to ensure I faced my truths. She has a knack of breaking down seemingly impossible situations with effortless clarity making me wonder why I hadn’t thought of it myself! A modern day miracle worker!
SB, Cairns

Life coaching never used to be something I considered valuable until I’d reached a point in my life where I knew I wanted things to be different and I wasn’t equipped with the awareness and understanding I needed to change things and I knew it. I kept finding myself in the same stuck spots and was getting tired of sliding back there. I was successful to a certain degree in a lot of areas of my life but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more. I knew more was out there.

I am a firm believer in taking responsibility of our life and creating what we want it to be so as I discovered my deficit I sought to rectify the situation.

One of my closest friends had been seeing a life coach for a long time and had been sharing with me some of the things she was learning and how it was changing not only her life but also herself as a person. The more I learnt the more I understood the place that life coaching had. And the more I understood the more I realised I needed someone with wisdom to work through the things holding me back.

I found Deb online and sent her an email explaining how I felt and what I wanted to change. I heard back promptly and next thing you know I was knee deep in our 10 weeks of sessions, digging into the depths of myself, into life and how it works. I watched my experience of life change before my eyes. I was able to receive love and support from places and people I hadn’t ever expected to. I was attracting opportunities left right and centre and it was all so effortless. I didn’t have to try for any of the results I was getting. I didn’t have to pre think how I was going to make my life awesome. I was becoming more free and healthy in my internal world and it was being reflected and attracted into my daily experience of life.

I am unbelievably grateful for this journey and all it has taught me. I have received levels of freedom, love and peace I didn’t think possible. I have developed practices I will continue for life. I feel like the seed of Emma has been planted and my life of success is sprouting and pushing into the light. It is soaking up the water of life, swelling and changing shape. I am slowly becoming more alive and more in focus. My life is transforming into the shape that it was designed to be. It’s exciting to have tools in my toolbox, and have learnt principles that I can apply to my life to create a healthy, abundant and love filled existence.

ED, Cairns

Deb Johnstone is a brilliant, compassionate, dedicated life coach. She had such compassion for what I was experiencing and has helped me learn to work through such big obstacles that I thought were just “how life was going to be for me from now on”.

Before meeting Deb, I had struggled with loving the life I was leading – after working with Deb for a short 6 (but awesome !!!!) weeks I began to feel in control of my thoughts / feelings and emotions therefore changing my whole outlook on how I saw my future and where I stood there too.  Deb is the sole reason for this.

Deb helped me overcome issues and also some barriers I didn’t even know existed!! Each session was so powerful that using the new “anchor” skills I learned every week was easy … 1 2 3

Deb showed me that my higher purpose is happiness in everything that I do – this has helped my subconscious “get real” and my choices have changed dramatically!!!!! I love the new me!!!!

The things I learned about myself have changed my thinking process on everything I do in life – my life has changed for the better!!

I look forward to working with Deb in the future!!

Cheryl G, Cairns

Deb Johnstone was my personal coach for six sessions in September and October 2012. Throughout the sessions, regardless of them being pro bono, Deb was completely professional, dedicated and approachable.  She carefully established the parameters of our relationship, and spent time developing and sustaining a rapport.  

Deb set up a framework built upon a confidential, non-judgmental series of discussions, working each week on a particular area I had chosen for that session. Deb used some methods of eliciting answers that I had identified as being effective for me, but she also was successful in prompting responses that took me into unexpected territories.  This included spending more than the set time for some sessions in order to reach a break-through.  

Following her own completion of NLP training, Deb introduced me to some techniques for visualisation that I found intriguing and to be useful tools for further exploration.  Thanks to Deb’s heartfelt efforts, at the conclusion of our six sessions, I have a series of methods for achieving a “package” of personal and professional goals that have already made noticeable improvements to my life, my health and my attitude.  I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Deb, and would encourage other people to see how Deb can help them find success.

Jane T, Canberra

The coaching program went beyond my expectations. I was skeptical because nothing had worked to date and I had the opinion of – “Why should I change when those around me are the ones causing the problems?” But I was also extremely curious.

Deb is very understanding and accepting. A comfortable and secure environment is quickly established in which to work with and from. Deb’s knowledge and expertise has given me the understanding that worrying about people or environments around us is futile, yet at the same time providing very relieving and practical tools and resources from which solutions are many and vast.

My main reason for working with Deb was to work on my people skills. I used to see most people as an annoyance and a hindrance. Doing the program helped me to understand why I am the way I am and also how to change any aspect of my life and myself that I am unhappy with.

I now see everyone as a resource, especially the people I used to see as annoying and hindering. A few days after completing the course I was able to bring to a mutual resolution a very hostile and draining association that had lasted for three years. This speaks volumes for the type of person I am, who used to believe any wrong must face punishment.

It is much easier to focus on what YOU can control and change. I would not have been able to achieve this and future outcomes without Deb and her program.

JM, Cairns

The coaching program met every expectation, objective and even more for me. From beginning to end of the sessions, Deb was genuine, passionate, professional and 100% present when working with me.

I have gained so many valuable skills, knowledge and increased awareness than I ever expected. These tools will continue to stay with me on my journey of success.

Deb, the results have significantly shifted my thinking for the better I believe the techniques you use are very powerful. I often find myself quieten the unhelpful thoughts and turn the volume up on the better me. Awareness is huge for me, it’s a very important skill/tool and I believe I’ve just solidified even better awareness. I feel everything I need to have to be successful is right inside me and it’s now more available to me.

I really wish I could really put into significant words how amazing it has been working with you, I am so incredibly grateful for so many things I’ve learnt working with you. It seems like you know just perfectly how much I could be ‘pushed’, an excellent coaching skill I believe!

I’m constantly amazed at even now a month after the sessions finished I feel your still coaching me all the way through my journey. I often catch myself utilising some skill or light bulb moment 🙂

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 😉

NG, Cairns

We often hear how a cancer diagnosis changes the way we approach life. We grasp it with both hands and live everyday to the fullest, making plans of all the things we want to do or to achieve.

However my reality was very different to this one. One year ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. What followed was surgery, radiotherapy and I am on the drug Tamoxifen for 5 years. When I was on this journey I had a plan. The plan was the scheduled procedures, doctor consultations and numerous tests I had to undertake.

Upon completing treatment I was left to my own devices and my own thoughts. Although breast cancer does not define me, it did however consume my thoughts, feelings and attention.

I became quite depressed and withdrawn from life. I had no plan!

After googling ‘life coach’, Deb Johnstone’s website was the first one I opened. After reading one of her statements I knew I needed to make contact. The statement read “identify what is important in your life…. giving you a sense of direction, purpose and vision”. As I was in desperate need of all three, I contacted Deb.

Upon meeting Deb and from our first discussion I knew I had made the right decision. She helped me to find my purpose, my passions and gave me the tools to take control of my life. Although I needed to acknowledge the past, Deb was able to assist me with a path for my future.

Deb helped me achieve that goal with her ability to make me feel comfortable to discuss anything, her amazing attitude, positivity, calmness and professionalism. Our sessions contained some tears but always lots of laughs. I can highly recommend Deb to anyone who is stuck in their own journey without a plan. She is amazing at what she does.

I am happy to say one year on from diagnosis I am involved with life again and am enjoying sharing more of me! Thanks Deb xx

MM, Cairns

Debra is very professional in her approach; she is positive, encouraging and consistent.

She listened actively and reflected back relevant points, resulting in thought provoking and rewarding sessions. Her coaching has given me more confidence and perspective. Debra is challenging when necessary, is great at asking the right questions and always 100% supportive.

I would highly recommend Debra as a life coach.

Ellie S, Cairns

The day of my first visit to my coach I was as far down emotionally as I felt I could get.  I had lost hope of any better for my life.  I was lonely and lost as to where to go and what to do with my life. I forced myself to go to that first visit with Deb and must admit to feeling negative (this will not help, she can’t help me   . . . . . . )  even after that first session but I made a monetary commitment because I wanted/needed help and knew this would force me to continue.  I had all of my sessions by Skype which I found very enjoyable.  I felt safe and comfortable in my home and enjoyed being able to think about the session afterwards without having to leave my home, interact with others, drive anywhere (just think/act).  Many of the issues that came up for me in the sessions that I had over a period of 4 months bought raw emotion to the surface but Deb led me through them to a place where I felt lighter and hopeful, sometimes even joyful.  I have now learned strategies to use when I find myself in a difficult situation, I have set life goals and know how to continue working towards them.  And most importantly I have learned to love myself. I am so very grateful to my friend who gave me Deb’s contact details and to Deb for the friendly professional manner in which she led our sessions. Thank you Deb.  With love RH

RH, Cairns

“What a great 10 sessions I had with Deb. From the first session I felt comfortable and we connected straight away. I didn’t know what to expect, I just let it happen because I wanted to make changes in my life. Deb helped me with lots of personal and work situations. I learned to be confident, motivated, let go, feel free to move on and have lots of opportunity. I also learned lots about relationships. I am very grateful I have Deb as my life coach, she opened up lots for me.  I would definitely like to recommend Deb. Thank you for everything Deb!”

CG, Melbourne

Coaching with Transformational Pathways Australia can help you create the change that you want by assisting you to:

Leave your procrastination and self doubt behind, take control of your emotions and identify what is important to you in your life.....
giving you a sense of direction, purpose and vision.

Private coaching is by Zoom or phone – face to face is by special appointment

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