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Deb Johnstone Success Coach and NLP Practitioner

Mental Fatigue – The Saboteur of Success

Mental fatigue can creep up on us gradually. It’s often not until we’re experiencing the negatives that we realise we’ve tripped ourselves up. Mental fatigue can occur during times of change or of increased pressure and stress. This was made more apparent during the...

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An easy 5 minute practice to reduce stress

Stress can be harmful for our health at any time and goodness knows we’ve had plenty of external stress over the last couple of years. Our global situation has affected everyone to some level, and age has had no bearing on that. Too much stress can eventually lead us...

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Why strength is an important resource for change

As we come to the end of the year, it’s always helpful to reflect on the past twelve months and notice what needs to change for next year. Many of us are busy writing goals for 2022 ready to get a head start on the New Year. But without the reflection on the current...

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Why New Experience Opens Up More Opportunities

You might have heard that experience opens up more options and this often relates to the career aspect of our lives. But there is more to this than we are sometimes led to believe and it has an impact on more than just our work. Past experience where skills are...

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