You might wonder why the title of this article is so disempowering, after all I’m meant to inspire people right? I’m sharing this because I wish someone had let me in on this information. Not because I would have chosen to find myself another job instead. But because it would have helped me prepare adequately. You see the life of a business owner can feel very lonely at times.

The initial throws of having an idea and setting up a business can be really exciting. We hardly have time to consider the downsides. Other than the fear of not having enough; a negative thought most business owners suffer with to begin with. Myself included by the way, and the roller coaster ride of ebb and flow brings new versions of that too.

But the thought of being lonely doesn’t tend to enter our minds until much later. We’re more focused on having the freedom to make our own decisions and do things our way. Which is one of the wonderful benefits of having our own gig.

It’s only much later that the loneliness comes into our awareness. The realisation that we’re in it alone and don’t have much support or the camaraderie we had in a job.

Loneliness is caused by lack of resourceful connection

You see connection is one of the fundamental needs of a human being. This means the lack of it will soon be noticed once the beginner excitement wears off a bit.

I’m not sharing this to gain sympathy myself. Because after over a decade coaching business owners and professionals I’ve learned ways to deal with it. This is more to prepare you personally. Whether you already have a young business or you’re a newbie. So you know you’re not alone in this and have some tips on how to find the solutions.

No one understands what it’s like for a small business owner

This is a common feeling and thought in the first few years, but it’s not true. People who aren’t business owners don’t understand it, that’s true. But those who do have a business do; no matter how old their business is. Comments like “no one gets it” or “no one knows how hard this is” will just amplify the loneliness. Try changing it to “I haven’t found someone yet who understands how this feels”.

Look for understanding and support in the right places

If your family or partner thinks you’re crazy for starting your own business, that’s obviously not the place to look for understanding. Same with your friends. Unless they’ve had their own business, they’re not going to know what to do when the going gets tough for you. And to let you in on a secret, it does get tough from time to time. That’s part of learning and growing to be able to manage a successful business. So stop trying to convert the unconvertible and find support in the right places.

The right places to find inspiration, support and understanding

In the fledgling years of a business start up financial resources can be limited for the business owner. This means it might take a few years before you can begin building a team. Obviously working with a business and mindset coach can give you support you need. One of the comments I often get from my business clients is that it makes a massive difference having me for support when they need me. To help them feel empowered when they feel like nothing is working. Get them moving in the right direction again when they feel like giving up. But you might not be in a position yet to even invest in a coach. Or are you? You can book a quick connect call and find out HERE

Support with likeminded individuals is everywhere

Now this is a global statement that is true! If you become more aware, there are millions of business owners who feel just like you. People who want to succeed but feel lonely in that journey. Personally I joined lots of networking groups in the first few years of my business. Not only was it instrumental in helping me build my business, but also in fulfilling my need for connection. You might have literally thousands of people in business in your local area, not to mention those globally online. It’s about finding the groups that are right for you. Then discovering people in those groups you resonate with and catching up regularly. If you can’t find a group you like, then start one of your own.

You don’t need to feel lonely in your quest for success

If you’re a business owner there are so many ways you can find the support you need. Remember how you feel is your choice. The moment you begin to feel isolated in your quest for success and freedom. Or misunderstood and feeling like you have no support. Don’t allow yourself to become disempowered, feel resentful or hopeless. Reach out and do something about it in a way that works for you.

Working with a coach obviously gives you a tremendous amount of support in your business journey. Especially a coach who has had a business of their own for many years. To find out if coaching with Deb is the right fit for you, Book An Initial 15 Minute Connect Call HERE