Deb Johnstone

Transformational Life and Business Coach

NLP Practitioner | EDISC Consultant and Trainer

Professional Mindset Corporate Leadership Business Speaker and Coach

Mindset Speaker - Deb Johnstone

Mindset Corporate Leadership Business Speaker


Deb Johnstone  is a talented mindset corporate leadership business speaker. She has a gift in helping people to see how their thinking has created their present results. She guides them to change that thinking to achieve higher level results in any aspect of life.

Deb has been hired to speak at business, corporate and leadership events and retreats. She is a passionate and inspirational speaker. She is skilled in connecting with her audience and delivering in a way that can be understood by each person in the room. This ensures that everyone takes away knowledge that can assist them moving forward in any aspect of their life, business or career.

Contact Deb HERE to enquire about using her skills as a professional corporate, leadership and business speaker for your upcoming event. Or to develop a customised package or course for your leadership workshop or directors retreat. 


Small Biz Big Future – Cairns 2016

You need to make sure you survive your business!

Mindset Corporate Leadership Business Speaker


“Our team of directors recently had the privilege of attending a 2-day course with an exceptional life coach, Deb Johnstone. From start to finish, Deb exuded professionalism, warmth, and an unwavering commitment to helping each and every participant. She provided insightful feedback, guidance, and practical tools that helped us all to make meaningful progress towards our personal and professional aspirations. I would highly recommend Deb Johnstone to anyone who is looking to tap into their full potential. Thank you, Deb, for the incredible experience!”

Michael Dobbs, DDEG, Melbourne, Australia

“Deb ran a full day workshop for my team at our annual sales meeting covering off our extended DISC profiles as well as introducing the team to NLP. Never before have I had the whole team sit quiet for the day and actually listen (sales people find this difficult at the best of times as they like to talk!). They connected with Deb, took on board what she had to say and embraced the challenges she threw at them. A light bulb clicked when it was understood that we are in charge of our own destiny; how we relate to people, how we alone can dictate how we respond to events in our life especially those day to day not so nice communications that we encounter during a work day when someone else is feeling tetchy and wants to lash out. We learnt to understand our behaviours and why we and other people relate to each other the way we do.

We learnt, we enjoyed and we came out of the day feeling we could cope much better in the real world. The team found Deb’s session the most valuable workshop they have had ever. Deb is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone that is seeking to develop themselves or their team to help enable them to become more resilient and able to tackle life’s challenges.”

Suzanne Subritzky
Bayer New Zealand Limited



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Client comments

“Really enjoyed the group participation and to be around people who are like minded in growing both personally and in business”

“This workshop has given me confidence to walk my dreams!”

“I loved the length and content of the workshop and Deb’s enthusiasm and knowledge”

“I loved the open discussions, relevant content and Deb’s obvious passion for helping people become the best they can be”

“Deb has helped me realise how negative I had become and how I can turn that around to focus”

“I loved this workshop, it was very inspirational and encouraging”

“I loved the sharing of knowledge and I felt very valued, thank you Deb”

“Thank you for always being so approachable, I always feel like I am genuinely listened to and cared about. 2016 is looking better than I could ever have imagined before this workshop”

“Deb is professional, motivational and 100% committed to help you reach your goals. Her one on one sessions are amazing, as are her workshops. Take a leap of faith with her and take action to a fulfilled and joyful life”

“I love how inspirational and motivating you are”

“This workshop is always my kickstart to the year and I look forward to it annually now. Love your work Deb. I’m your biggest fan. Thank you!”

“Great refresher and starting with reflecting on the positives of 2015 was a fantastic way to start. Can’t wait to get home and keep working on this”

“I loved the step by step content and time to explore own objectives”

“It wasn’t too clinical. Deb brings out the positivity buried inside. Definitely makes you think”

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Client Comments

“The clarification on directions for focus was just what I needed today!! Thanks Deb – great way to pick up the pace and finish the year on a high”Jodi

“I loved the clarity of direction I need to take”Rachel

“Deb’s enthusiasm and ability to connect with her audience, and in 2 hours to walk away with a 90 day concrete plan was impressive.”Yolonde

“This has been a big boost” – Sue

“I absolutely love Deb, her presence, her voice and her enthusiasm. My growth during her business success course is indescribable. Every workshop I leave feeling motivated and accountable.”Emma

“Mind blowing content provided in a quick, digestible way!”Donna

“Deb is honest and highly knowledgeable. I love how we get interactive and all information is clear. Recommend Deb to anyone wanting to grow personally and in business” Natalie

“Another awesome workshop from you Deb. Thank you!”Leigh

“Short and sharp. Doing this 2 hour workshop enabled me to get back on track – giving me clarity and focus about my direction” – Carmel

“It gave me clarity and the process to implement my goals” Megan

“Deb you are so easy to understand and relate to. What you talk about is so real and relevant to so many”Una

“I loved Deb’s energy and enthusiasm. Inspirational!”Julie

“This workshop was delivered in a way that everyone on all levels could understand with all types of goals. Thank you!”Amie

“Deb’s presentation was clear and easily understood. I love that each of us is empowered with the knowledge that through our own actions and beliefs we can and will achieve our goals” – Anne

“Great 2 hours of tangible tools that can be implemented easily and immediately. Deb has a soothing, calm voice and held the room well. Thank you”Anonymous

“Thank you for teaching me things I wasn’t aware of and how it affects my behaviour.”Anonymous


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