Have you ever had one of those moments of fulfilment where you felt like life couldn’t get any better?

You know, that feeling of joy when everything is flowing with ease.

Well I just had a whole weekend like this, bush camping with my family on a station up in the beautiful picturesque tablelands of Far North Queensland.

It can be quite challenging gathering your whole family together when you have adult sons with partners and lives of their own, because we are all busy and each have our own responsibilities. Yet last weekend everyone created the time and space to gather together for two whole nights.

Lots of fun for everyone, and absolute bliss for me! I came home feeling very full and blessed. I am still in that blissful state now, because pretty much all of my most important values have been fulfilled.

Those moments when we feel totally fulfilled can be rare. Often if we blink we can miss them. It’s in those rare moments when our values are the most fulfilled and the reason we can often miss them, is because not many of us have full clarity around what our values are and how we fulfil them.

Most people have a vague idea of what they value and because of this, the times they experience them are randomly scattered here and there and can easily be forgotten.

When you gain full clarity around your values, the times you fulfil them increase

This is because you know how to communicate them to others so you are heard, and you know how to consciously initiate the experiences staying fully present throughout. This means you can gather together a whole treasure box of precious memories to pull out and enjoy at will.

Communicating your values effectively and consciously initiating the experience takes awareness and practice, and it’s definitely worth the energy you put into it. The first step though is to actually elicit what your values are and you can coach yourself through this process:

Remember a time
Remember the last time you felt incredibly fulfilled in the moment. Take judgment out of this, and pick a time. It can be anything, because different people value different things. Just pick out one particular experience and focus on that.

Re-create the sensory experience
Close your eyes and re create the experience in your mind’s eye. See the details of the experience, hear anything you may have heard or said to yourself, and feel the feelings you felt in that moment.

Notice the value
As you re create the sensory experience, notice what you feel a sense of and what value is being fulfilled. There are hundreds of different values and there is no right or wrong in this. Choose the values that feel a fit to your experience and explore how you actually fulfil them.

The bonus here is that once you clearly know what your values are you are able to make different choices in all aspects of your life.

And an important insight here too is that when you connect your values to anything you are doing or aiming to achieve in your life, business, family, career, social life, health etc, everything flows with so much more ease and a lot less effort.

I coach all my clients to elicit their core values, because it is one of the keys that are essential to achieving sustainable success with a lot more ease and flow. If you would like a list of possible values to help you in this process, please email me on success@debjohnstone.com.au I am very happy to share.