Do you get frustrated with the results you are getting, even try to change things for the better, but keep experiencing the same thing over and over?

Or maybe you think things are just out of your reach and can’t see how you could possibly achieve them?

Ever heard the saying that our beliefs create our reality?

Our beliefs are formed throughout our lives, some at a very early age and they can either empower us or limit us, depending on what the belief is.

Our beliefs directly affect the way we experience our lives and when we have empowering beliefs that really serve us well, we can create a life that is truly extraordinary!

A belief is a feeling of certainty about what something means to us, it is actually something we make up, a story we tell ourselves.

We form our beliefs because of something we experience, hear or see. We then go through life looking for reference points to support that belief, gathering evidence and creating our reality based on that.

There is no reality, only what we perceive our reality to be. And we perceive it based on what we believe to be true.

So, how do we turn it around and make it work for us?

What are your beliefs? – Firstly, it’s important to become aware of your beliefs and what they mean to you. So think about this;

  • What do you believe about yourself and your identity?
  • What do you believe about life?
  • What do you believe about love?
  • What do you believe about success?

It’s important to be really honest with yourself.

What are your results? – Look at the results you are getting in your life. Are they the results that you want?

Look at how your beliefs are creating those results!

What beliefs will serve you well? – What can you change them to, to create the kind of results that you want? That will create the life of extraordinary that you want? Create the life of fulfillment, joy and happiness that you want?

If you need help doing this find yourself an NLP coach.

What we believe, the world will reflect right back at us, because our brain will delete any evidence of our beliefs being untrue.

When you identify what those beliefs are and begin to change them, start to take new actions based on them, that’s when you will start to notice evidence of your new beliefs and begin experiencing life based on that.

Do this and see what you create!