I woke up this morning at the beginning of my 10 day break, after a very busy week, to the sound of a huge flock of white cockatoos flying over the rooftops screeching in their loudest voices possible, it was incredibly noisy!

I jumped out of bed with excitement and rushed out to my balcony to watch them gathering in the palm trees, there were masses of them screeching and having the best of fun.

I stood on my balcony laughing with them, it was a spectacle to watch and I could feel their joy and excitement at the new day beginning and whatever they had found in those particular trees.

As soon as they appeared they were gone and I went back to what I was about to do when they arrived.

As I sat down I thought about how I had felt hearing the noise of their arrival, the excitement and joy it created in me. I then thought about the reaction I could have had if I had chosen differently.

I could just as easily rolled over in bed groaned and felt grumpy at being woken up at 6am in such a raucous way and I know that many people quite possibly would have reacted in this way.

We choose our thoughts and the way we perceive things, we then experience certain emotions because of those perceptions and thoughts, this then causes us to behave in a certain way and the result of this is the experience that we have.

If I had chosen to believe that the arrival of the birds was a problem and an intrusion on my peace, then I would have experienced annoyance, not a great emotion to start the day with. I then quite possibly wouldn’t have been able to get back to sleep and got up feeling tired and grumpy, which possibly would have affected my enjoyment of the day.

Instead I chose to believe the arrival of the birds was exciting, this thought energized me and when I saw them I felt a sense of joy, what an amazing start to my day that was!

I then showered, dressed and went to the beach for breakfast with a feeling of joy in my heart and feeling blessed to be living in such a magnificent place.

What a fabulous day I have had after such a wonderful start!

Always challenge your perceptions and your thoughts!

Choose to believe what is going to make your heart sing and give you the results and experiences that you want and make you feel on top of the world!

As Wayne Dyer said “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” and this is so true!

We ourselves are responsible for what we make something mean!

Choose to believe what is going to sustain, nurture and support you.

Next time you think you have a problem, remember my noisy white cockatoos and think about what you are choosing to perceive and how you can see it differently.

Make your thoughts and beliefs work for you and give you the life experience that you want!