It’s only a few short weeks until Christmas and as usual there are so many things to fit in before we reach the big day.

At this time of the year it is so normal for many of us to feel overwhelmed and exhausted, because there are so many things still left to do and seemingly not enough time to fit it all in.

That feeling of overwhelm can be detrimental to our stress levels and our health. It also reduces our productivity levels making us achieve less, which means we have to work longer hours to keep up.

Overwhelm is caused by the way we are seeing things, not by the amount of things we have to do. Most people are so busy on the hamster wheel, they get immersed in the feeling and forget to think effectively.

When we learn how to influence our mind to see it differently then we feel calm and more at peace and are able to work more productively, achieving more in less time.
I teach my clients how to do this effectively and because it’s Christmas, I want to share these strategies with you

Define your end result – Get really clear on your deadline and what you want to achieve by that date. This means get clear on your outcome, be very specific about it and WRITE IT DOWN! When you are this specific on your end result then it helps you start developing the process to get there and gives you a lot more clarity on what to do.

Break it down – Break that outcome down into bite size pieces and WRITE IT DOWN into your scheduler or planner. Chunk it down into what must be achieved each week for you to be on track. Many people feel overwhelmed looking at the big picture and others feel the same way when they look at all the details. When you chunk it down effectively, which means each weekly goal relates to the end result, then you feel more at ease.

Block it in – If you don’t have a planner then you need to get yourself one, because it gives you the ability to block things into your timeline. When you block times in then it holds you accountable for the task you are on which relates to your goal. It helps you create a laser focus for that period of time and that means you become more productive. So chunk down into each task you need to do to work on your deadline and WRITE IT DOWN into the time block you allow for it.

Prioritise and say NO – This is a biggie, because so many people let requests of others get in the way and this means they fall behind with their own workload, creating a heap of stress for themselves. You can’t keep everyone else happy all the time and some people are not going to like you no matter what you do. It’s okay to say “no” to requests from other people and prioritise your own workload, you deserve to have that time. When you prioritise you take a weight off your shoulders, because you are able to complete things with plenty of time. So decide what is the most important task and what you will say “no” to, then WRITE IT DOWN. Work on that task first and laser focus on that step only for that period of time.

Remember to breathe – Breath gives us life and when we forget to breathe properly then it affects our energy levels and increases our stress levels. Most people are shallow breathing or even holding their breath when they feel rushed off their feet and this makes it feel worse. When we make ourselves aware of our breath, immediately it slows down by itself and this helps our focus and productivity levels, not to mention our vitality. Make time throughout the day just to pause and focus on your breath. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, it will help you stay calm and refocus. You can WRITE IT DOWN on a sticky note and put it in your workspace as a reminder to take some time to breathe.

These are just a few tips to help you through. You are welcome to contact me if you’d like more.

Remember to WRITE THINGS DOWN, not only does it reduce the feeling of chaos and overwhelm, it also activates the parts of your brain responsible for movement, planning, reasoning and awareness. This means you can feel calm and get more done in less time.

Enjoy this time xx