Ever wondered why you get that tight uncomfortable feeling in your gut when you make a decision to do something or not to do something?

On Saturday, I shared a wonderful day with a group of very special ladies who made the commitment to themselves to create a fulfilling and dream career in 2014.

One of the things we talked about and worked with was our core values.

Our core values unconsciously direct our lives. When we consciously become aware of them with clarity and begin to live our lives in alignment with them, we will create those ripples of happiness, fulfillment and passion on a more consistent basis, because we will then be really living our lives on purpose.

Knowing your values and becoming consciously aware of how you fulfill them will also assist you to make what can sometimes seem like difficult decisions.

If you know your values with clarity you will be able to see what you value in each situation you are faced with and that means that your decision making will flow more easily and effortlessly than ever before.

Your values are an expression of what is important to you and are a part of who you are at core. Becoming consciously aware of them is a part of learning to understand yourself and appreciate yourself for the wonderful human being that you are.

Speaking from personal experience, knowing who I am at core has given me so much sense of self and a feeling of strength and courage that I felt I had been in search of for many years.

The feeling of empowerment gained from knowing yourself and what you stand for is incredible!

Take the time to understand yourself and what is important to you and appreciate yourself for the magnificent human being that you are.

What is important to YOU and WHY?