Do you often feel overwhelmed by your to do list, wonder how you are going to get it all done and sometimes feel like you’re running backwards?

Well last year I realized that I’d found a solution. I discovered a very simple process to help you reduce that to do list and achieve your goals with a lot more ease and flow.

Early last year I became a home owner again, I purchased a lovely little apartment in the northern beaches of Cairns.

When I viewed the apartment it wasn’t particularly pleasing to look at on the inside, but it had a good structure and location, so I immediately created a collage of pictures in my mind as to what it could look like. And, after doing a bit of research and confirming the financial viability of what I was planning to do, I went ahead and purchased it.

I remember friends warning me of what I was taking on and how stressful it can be to just purchase a property, let alone do a renovation, but the sale went off without a hitch and I was relaxed throughout the process.

Now almost one year later, I have a stunning new kitchen, which I completed well before my deadline last year, and I’m ready to start my bathroom renovation in the next few weeks.

The renovation was a really interesting process, because I’d had no prior experience and being a single woman I project managed the renovation myself.

As I was going through the process, I realized that I did it very much like anything I achieve successfully in my business; I used the same thinking process and created the same structure and system.

I realized that if I don’t use this process, I experience overwhelm and sometimes screech to the finishing line in a whirl of chaos. When I do use it I achieve my goals on time and with a lot more ease and flow.

Start with the outcome in mind
It’s important to always decide on what you want to achieve before you start doing anything. The only projects and goals that go off track are the ones where you don’t have a clear picture of the outcome first. When you do have a clear picture you know exactly what you are aiming for and you can see what you need to do to achieve it.

Do your research
Until you research something you have no idea if it’s viable and that can cost you in time, money and resources, not to mention your stress levels. When you do research you will have more of an understanding of what resources you do need and how long the project or goal will take.

Set a deadline
Put a firm date in place and make it earlier than you really need it. What I’ve noticed is that many people leave things until the last minute and this often creates overwhelm and chaos. When you create a firm deadline and make it earlier than you need it, you can glide gracefully to the finishing line no matter what, because it allows space for the unexpected to happen.

Make it bite size
Often you might experience overwhelm because the goal is so big and you can’t see how you will get there. It feeds uncertainty and your reptilian brain goes into overdrive. So because of this it’s important to chunk the goal down into bite sized pieces. When you do this you create a sense of certainty because you can see a pathway. You consistently stay on track and know what step to take next.

Give yourself a break and be flexible
In my work, I’ve noticed that many people beat themselves up for things that haven’t gone to plan or mistakes they’ve made. This can cause you unnecessary stress and easily throw you off track. Give yourself a break and accept that challenge is part of life. Be prepared to be flexible and look for things you can change, learn from your mistakes and look at how you can use this in the future. When you do this you will enjoy the whole process a lot more.

For many years I didn’t have a clue how to think effectively, I would often fly by the seat of my pants and because of this I would experience a lot of overwhelm and disorganization. I’m pretty sure that’s where my grey hairs came from. When I started to use this easy 5 simple step process, I found I began to achieve my goals more consistently and keep my sanity intact.

So, choose to keep life simple and give it a go!