How long does it take you to make a decision?

Do you have a strategy that works for you and are you aware of the process you go through?

Different people make decisions in different ways and we all make decisions everyday. Because, whether you are aware or not, even when you are procrastinating and sitting on the fence, you are still making a decision, you’re making a decision to procrastinate and sit on the fence.

It is really important to become aware of your decision making strategy, because when you do you can identify whether it is working for you, whether its bringing you the results that you want and if not change it to a strategy that does work.

We all make decisions in different ways:

* Some people make immediate decisions by looking at the outcome and the results they will get.

* Others make impulse decisions based on how they feel about something.

* Other people seem to make a decision after thinking about it for a long time and asking the opinions of others that are close to them.

* And others make a decision over a period of time of doing research and analysing past statistics.

Which of these strategies sound the most like yours?

Do you have a strategy that works for you?

Or do you seem to go around in circles, never really getting anywhere and end up making a decision that doesn’t feel quite right to you, it just doesn’t sit right in your gut?

A decision is a choice, making a choice to either do something or not to do something.

* First of all have a look at the strategies described above and see which most describes the strategy that you use. Have a think about whether it is actually working for you or if you spend a lot of time going around in circles and then don’t receive the results that you had hoped for.

* Talk to someone who makes decisions easily and effectively and ask them how they do it. Effective decision makers always do so with the outcome in mind. They make their decisions based on the results that they will get. So always have a look at the results that you think you will achieve.

* Your core values also play a huge part in any decision that you make. If you make a choice and get that uneasy feeling in your gut, you quite possibly have made a choice that is out of alignment with your core values.

This is why it is so important to know your core values in absolute detail and a coach can guide you through this process.

When you know your core values, decision-making becomes so much easier because you know what you value in each situation you are faced with!


What do you look for when you make a decision and how do you feel once you’ve made it?