Building people networks has always been one of my favourite activities. This is something I was doing well before I started my own business. I am a connector at heart and love chatting. One of my gifts is connecting people to people in an effort to help them achieve what they want.

You’ve probably heard that building powerful and beneficial networks is essential to having a sustainable business. Because people know people right? Yet most people approach this activity thinking the sole aim is to get clients. This is so far from effective it’s not funny.

Powerful networking is when we focus on building relationships first.

We only do business with people we know, like and trust.

Perhaps you’ve heard that before, yet how many of us really pay attention to it?

It’s the same as a friendship. We only trust our friends with our deepest truths and most important information when we really know them.

There are many different ways to build networks that are vital to the success of your business. From attending business and social events, trainings, workshops, joining groups.

In the online world, there are number of ways to stay active with your community. Including being active on social media, sending emails and running online events and the list goes on.

And, there are also simple forms of doing this that are often overlooked. They are strategies that I practice myself. Through my commitment to my vision and of course this meets my values.

Become incredibly good at what you do

This was drummed into me by my NLP trainer. I love her for it, because this has been key in my business success. When we stay focused on being the best we can we are able to deliver excellent service to our clients. This builds the relationship even more.

Focus on delivering an exceptional service or product. As you do this your clients will continue to return to you. Because they will trust you to deliver what they want. Plus they will talk to other people about you too.

Become your client’s client or customer

This may not always be possible because not everyone has a business. Or we may already have an excellent supplier that provides us with what they offer.

But if you haven’t, consider becoming your client’s customer. Purchase from them and promote their business. Support them in their success. When you do this, it’s a win/win and they will feel more inclined to promote you.

Connect your client with others in your network

It’s important that we concentrate on giving to our client and the people we are introducing them to. And take our focus away from what we can get out of it by connecting them. By focusing on creating connections that can benefit other parties, it also builds our networks organically. This is because people know people and they will want to connect you with their networks too.

Actively build a network of talented people who can support your clients with skills you don’t have. And when the time is right recommend them to your clients.

Collaborate with others who do fabulous work in your niche

We need to be prepared to accept that we don’t know everything. Others can contribute greatly to our prospective clients too. And I’ve built some of the most wonderful connections with women I have never met in person.

There are so many ways you can collaborate. From in person events through to online events, podcasts, tv and radio channels and there are new ways emerging everyday. Again, remember this is about building the relationship with your collaborators first. It’s not just about selling or getting new clients.

It’s incredible the networks we can build by focusing on giving to our clients and other professionals in our network. This is something I have always done naturally in my business, because I really want my clients to succeed.

Building powerful networks using strategies like these are great for both service based or product based businesses. They can even be effective if you want to excel in your career too. Plus they are effective for in person or online. By being at your best and helping others succeed your powerful networks will build effortlessly.

If you don’t like networking, have a fear public speaking or think collaborating and connecting is going to cause you to lose out in some way. You could be seriously limiting yourself and it will help to change your mindset around this. Working with a great coach will allow you to work through this. To see if coaching is the right fit for you Book Your Initial Connect Call HERE