Have you ever walked into a business or store and been greeted with a uniform “Can I help you?”

You can see them out of the corner of your eye pretending to be busy. It feels like they are just doing a job and waiting to pounce.

“Sales” is an important part of business and we all know this. The thing is though, if our focus is on the transaction itself, the person just feels like a number. Or like a dollar amount which is worse. When our focus is on creating a memorable experience and fully serving, then they feel more connected. Because of this we often find they continue to return to us over again.

Focusing on creating memorable experiences ensures clients return

Many years ago I had the privilege of working with an amazing man who had an incredible store. It was in a small town called Port Douglas, way up in Far North Queensland, Australia. His name was Willie Harland and the jewellery store was and still is Wicked Willies.

Willie was a real character and passed away a few years ago. He is still sadly missed today. This man is remembered with love because of the positive effect he had on so many lives. He was an expert in creating memorable experience and because of this I’d like to share how.

To build a successful business and stay in business in a small town like Port Douglas, is a huge achievement. Wicked Willies is amongst the small number of businesses that continues to grow, so many years later. When he passed his beautiful partner Tracey took over. She has continued to maintain the store’s reputation, even today after his huge personality has gone.

Part of their success is their gorgeous stock and the environment they’ve created. And even more than that are the beautiful women that work there who boost that environment. Team are chosen because of their friendly personalities, their personal presentation, their qualities and principles. When you walk into Wicked Willies, you feel like you are being welcomed into someone’s home.

Willie taught by demonstrating, which is something all great leaders do. The atmosphere we created together had people flying in from other parts of the world. They often came specifically to visit the store. These lessons have stayed with me and helped me build a successful business of my own.

Business must be fun

One of the things Willie would often say to us is “Just have fun. What’s the point in doing it if you’re not having fun?”
When we are having fun in our work then it creates a happy environment. We all know how we feel when we walk into a happy environment or we are around happy people. The atmosphere feels good and this means we stay longer.

If you’re not enjoying your business and it’s no longer fun for you, then something needs to change.

Be playful and share your passion

Willie taught us to be playful and because of this the focus never needed to be on selling. His favourite game was pulling out hanks of stunning stone beads or delicate freshwater pearls. He would tell stories about the exotic countries they were found. Our leader was playful in sharing his passion.

When we share our passion with others in this way, they become curious. Passion is inspiring and intriguing and this means any transaction happens seamlessly.

If you’re no longer passionate about your work or business, it’s time to do some self exploration. Something most definitely needs to change.

Focus on the person not the target

The greatest natural talent we all had in the store was building relationship. People would often just pop in to say hello, because they felt welcome. To us they weren’t just customers, they were people with lives. We knew their names, who they were and the things that were happening in their world.

When we treat people in this way, then they feel a sense of belonging and valued. This means they repeatedly return sometimes for many years. Our name is often on the tip of their tongue when in conversations with others too. Which means words spreads about the wonderful work you are doing.

If you’ve stopped focusing on the person, then the humanness has left the building. No one wants to be a number, so something needs to change.

Make their experience in your business a Wicked one

Willie laughingly used to say “If you stay any longer I’ll have to charge you rent”. This is because people coming into the store would often stay for hours. Sometimes they would make a purchase, always to chat and consistently to return.

Think about the ways you could create wicked experiences for the people connecting with Your business. Possibly that change needs to be you, your behaviour, the perception you have and whether the business is actually still in alignment with you. Start to implement those changes and notice the effect it has.

Developing passion for the work you do or creating a business around your passion is vital if you want to succeed. Equally so is finding your work or business fun and always focusing on serving your clients. If any of this is lacking it’s essential to do self exploration to bring your work into alignment with you, regardless of how long you’ve been in business. Working with a good coach can help you do this. You are welcome to book your initial complimentary connect call HERE.