When I first became a life coach, I learnt the importance of highly effective goal setting. It’s a lengthy process and I can vouch for the power of it.

But if we really want to achieve anything, it is so much more than this. And if you are one of those people who wonder where you are going wrong, I trust this will help.

I learned so many theories when I did my life coach training years ago. But I am someone who needs to experience something a few times to fully understand it.

And after almost 2,000 hours of professional coaching, the secrets of accomplishment are now truly embedded.

The reason many people miss their targets is they don’t realise there are numerous parts to achieving a goal.

Perhaps you are quite familiar with the importance of gaining clarity on what you want, then writing it down.

Maybe you also know how to write it down. That you need to see, hear and feel it. Giving it a deadline and writing it as if it is currently happening also gets you moving.

This is all taught by most life coaches, you can also find videos on YouTube that teach you. Writing your goals down in this way gets you excited and motivated to do even the things that scare you.

But beginning with the outcome in mind is only the starting part of this process. There are so many other parts and becoming aware of what they are will make all the difference.

I guess it seems strange to be talking about this now when a large part of the world is in lockdown.

So, why am I sharing this with you now?

Well, during the current global crisis, there are a quite a number of us who can’t set big exciting goals. At least not for this year anyway and that is because we are unable to determine what will happen next in our environment.

Or maybe you have set goals for the year, but you have no idea whether you will be able to achieve them or not.

This has caused many of us to lose motivation, feel overwhelmed or not know where to start.

In these instances and at any time really, it’s essential to learn the secret parts of accomplishment. This helps us adapt to any situation and any environment.

And it’s about knowing who you need to BE and what you need to DO to HAVE what you want. Then implementing it.

We call it BE, DO, HAVE.

Let me explain by sharing those secrets;

Life Coach Tip #1: It’s not about doing nothing

When we get clear on what we want to HAVE, it’s important to do more than visualise and think good thoughts. However, this is important because it changes our state. I’ll talk into this more later.

There is an often misunderstood concept that if we write down our desires, use effective goal setting, then focus on it, magic happens. This is a misinterpretation of the law of attraction.

The truth is that it takes work too; otherwise you are just sitting, hoping, wishing and waiting. When you start to do something you give yourself maximum opportunity to make it happen. This is because you create even more energy and momentum around it.

It’s also vital that you set realistic outcomes and this is even more important right now. Remember it is about what you have complete control and influence over.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have control and influence then you need to be realistic. This isn’t about making it easy or letting yourself off, this is about making it possible.

Life Coach Tip #2: What you don’t do is as important as what you do

Most people write themselves a huge to do list when they set out to achieve something. And they shoot of the starting line in a fury of activity to DO a whole heap of strategies.

Because of this they tend to get nowhere fast.

And here’s why.

When we start doing new strategies or new habits, it means we need to stop doing something else.

This is because there are only so many hours in each day. And if you over cram it with new tasks, it means they are often not done well.

For every new habit or strategy we adopt, we need to create a void of time for it to sit in. This is because if our energy is spread over too many things it becomes diluted.

This means your progress will be slow, if you get anywhere at all.

There is also the possibility that an old strategy may clash with the new one you’re adopting. So in effect you could be creating a road block for yourself.

Life Coach Tip #3: BE the person you need to BE

This isn’t about trying to be someone else. I’m referring to the awesomeness of you. Parts of yourself you may not have recognised or utilised yet.

It could be different qualities that you have inside of you that you haven’t yet connected with. For example; to BE committed, flexible, persistent or determined. To BE strategic, confident, open minded and optimistic.

These are all essential qualities required for accomplishment. And there are many more.

At the moment we might need to BE more flexible, open minded and accepting for instance.

We all have the ability to access these qualities. It’s simply deciding which qualities you need to utilise to do the tasks and have the outcome you want. Then wearing those attributes for the duration of the journey towards your target.

Life Coach Tip #4: Adjusting strengths uses less energy

There is a big belief that to achieve anything we need to take big strides out of our comfort zone. I agree to a point, but there can be a tweak to this.

Stepping out of our comfort zone is essential, because we can’t have anything new by doing what we’ve always done. But it doesn’t always have to mean we use skills we’ve never used before.

BE-coming flexible with our strengths is another way we can do those out of comfort zone activities.

For example; let’s say you are a creative and part of building your business requires you to plan. Writing things down isn’t your strength and you don’t enjoy it. You keep avoiding it because it doesn’t feel good and uses a lot of energy.

By adjusting your creative strength and using it to plan you could make this more enjoyable. For instance; plan with a mind map or use lots of colour, pictures and symbols.

Life Coach Tip #5: Your state of BE-ing is your most powerful tool

Our state of BE-ing relates to our emotions and the way we feel and is vital to our levels of accomplishment.

If we feel low in energy or negative, we will get in our own way. Because not only does this have an effect on how others relate to us, it also affects our vibration.

The Law of Attraction states, “we must be a vibrational match to that which we want to attract”.

If we feel low, annoyed or angry for instance, we have low vibration. And, if what we want to achieve is on a higher vibration, which it generally is, it means we create resistance to it.

When we BE-come positive, think optimistically and have uplifting emotions, it raises our energetic vibration. This accelerates the journey for us.

Final Tip: There’s no need to map it all out

I could write for hours on everything I have learned about accomplishment over the years. And maybe I will share more later. But one of the most important tips is to focus on implementing what you have learned, before asking for the next step.

There is a natural tendency to want to know all the steps before taking the first. And then mapping all the steps out. This is just the ego mind needing to control and keep us safe. But it’s seriously how we keep ourselves stuck.

When you focus on taking the first step, you will notice the next one will often magically appear. This is because in taking your first step you ignite the way with energy and this creates momentum. It also expands your awareness, so you see what you didn’t see before. Eventually this forms a pathway that powerfully guides you to your target.

Working with a life coach can assist you to reach your target much faster and with more ease.

I will have your back and you will have access to even more secrets to support you on your way forward. If you would like to book a complimentary connect call to receive some insights CLICK HERE