Christmas and New Year are a time of the year that I truly love. It’s a time for me to enjoy the time I have with my family, which as they get older seems to be less, because as adults they have their own lives.

Also for many years, as s a single mum with my kids growing up I often didn’t see my kids at Christmastime. I found those times quite lonely and sad, so because of this, the time I do have with them I cherish and Christmas happens to be one of those times.

Christmas is also at the end of the calendar year and just before New Year, so it’s a fantastic time to reflect on the year gone by and all that the year has held for me. This is something I now do each year and because I love my family so much, I have decided to share this with them this year. They don’t know yet, so I hope they enjoy it and get into it as much as I do.

Wish me luck!

What I sometimes see these days are people feeling upset or angry at the end of the year, because they have experienced some really difficult and challenging times. And because of this they are wishing for the New Year and hoping that it will be different.

And you know what, many people have experienced some huge challenges during the year. We have personally lost family this year and so have my friends. I have also helped my father work through some very serious health issues this year. And, with no partner to support me, I have found those times extremely challenging.

You may have experienced some big challenges in 2016, you may have lost a loved one or a relationship that you treasured may have ended. You may have had serious financial issues or business problems, or you may have had serious health issues of your own. And I do get this, you have my love and understanding.

The thing is, if you want to experience a wonderful 2017, then it is important to change your focus to a positive one.

Tony Robbins said “Whatever you focus on is what you get”

So, if you continue to focus on the challenges in a negative way, it’s quite possible you will continue to see challenges in the New Year to come. When you change your focus to a positive one, you will give yourself maximum opportunity to experience 2017 as extraordinary as you want it to be.

Each year, I do a special ritual that helps turn this around, so I can continue to experience a wonderful life. I would love to share this as my Christmas gift to you.

Acknowledge the highlights and achievements

When you acknowledge the good times you remind yourself of the good things that happened during the year and you create a positive focus. So because of this, look at all the highlights of the year, the special moments you have had with your family and people that you love, all the things you have achieved. Acknowledge yourself for all that you have achieved and experienced in each aspect. Give yourself a good pat on the back.

Look at the challenges and what you learned

When you look at the challenges and then what you have learned from the challenges, it changes the way you feel about those times and this again changes your focus. So, look at the challenges you have experienced in different aspects of your life. Maybe things that didn’t go the way you wanted them to, maybe goals you didn’t quite achieve, or maybe things you didn’t handle that well. Acknowledge yourself for how you worked through the challenges. Ask yourself what you can learn from them and how you can use what you learned in the year to come. Give yourself an even bigger pat on the back.

Be grateful

Appreciation is the closest state to love and when you focus from a state of love and appreciation then you give yourself maximum opportunity to experience the kind of year that you want. So because of this and because it feels so good, give thanks for all that you have experienced during the year, the hightlights, the special moments, the achievements, the challenges and the lessons learned. Give thanks for all the people you still have in your life and if you have lost someone this year, give thanks for the special times and the love you experienced with that person. Give thanks for all that you can still contribute to and for all the love you still have around you. Give thanks for your life and that you are still alive to experience it.

This is the best way I have found yet to end the year and the best way I have found to begin the next one. I encourage you to give it a go and notice how good it feels to end the year this way.

Wishing you and your loved ones a really Special Christmas and the most Extraordinary and Wonderful Year for 2017.

With love to you xx