Last week, I took my mid year break and my boyfriend took me to Fitzroy Island for a few days escape. Lucky me!!
We are so blessed to have this beautiful place just on our doorstep.

I love that technology doesn’t work properly there with limited phone and internet reception. I really feel like I am on a getaway island and could be anywhere in the world.

We decided to climb to the summit while we were there, something we had been planning to do since our last visit. So one quite cool and sunny morning off we went and started the climb. Apparently 999 steps to the top and boy did I feel it!

Each rocky outcrop we thought we’d reached the top, only to round the bend and see another cluster of steep steps and realize how far we had left to go.

A few times I felt like my legs wouldn’t carry me any further and I had to stop.

When I did stop to catch my breath, I looked back and noticed how high we already were and how far we had come. I also noticed the beauty of the environment around me. I smiled because not only did I feel that sense of achievement, I actually felt like I was getting somewhere and continued to enjoy the climb.

And, it reminded me of any goals that we achieve in life and business.

If we are just focusing on the big picture and the end result, it can sometimes feel impossible to reach.

You might feel overwhelmed just thinking about how you can get there.

There may be challenges to overcome, when you just want to stop or even give up!

Perhaps you even end up doubting yourself and your ability to make it happen.

Because of this you lose focus and motivation, and maybe you even procrastinate and this slows your progress down. This is one of the main reasons so many people don’t achieve their goals.

There are so many keys to powerfully achieving goals. And, because we are now at the middle of the year, I thought it would be a great time to share five of them so you can refocus and get moving.

Get very clear on your destination
It’s really important to know where you are heading, have clarity around what you want to achieve and know why you want it. When you have this clarity then the steps you need to take also become very clear. Having the destination clearly defined and regularly checking in on it also gives you a reminder of why it’s important to never give up.

Align the pathway
When you have your big picture goal then chunk it down into an aligned pathway of bite-sized achievable short-term goals. Prioritise your goals and work on them one at a time until completion. When you do this you feel that sense of achievement regularly. It’s like the summit markers on the walk, each marker I passed I knew I was getting closer to the top.

Check your progress
It’s great to remind yourself of the big picture, because it keeps you motivated; especially if you have a strong reason WHY. It’s also important to sometimes look back and see how far you have come. When you do this, it gives you the motivation to keep going instead of beating yourself up for not getting there faster. So regularly give yourself a pat on the back for everything you have already achieved.

Be willing to learn
Its not often we get things right first time and the bigger the goal we want to achieve the greater the challenges can be. Be prepared to make mistakes and meet challenges along the way. Always look for the gift, the lesson in the challenge and how you can develop yourself. When you look for the lesson and learn from it, then it brings growth, and the bigger the goal, the more you need to grow.

Regularly stop to smell the roses
While there were no roses on Fitzroy Island there was plenty of beauty to breathe in and this is the case with life itself. Instead of focusing on what you haven’t got yet and haven’t achieved yet, be grateful for what you have. Enjoy the beauty of the journey itself, the challenges and the gifts. Regularly remind yourself of how blessed you are.

I was slower than I’d hoped to be and not as fit as my boyfriend. I certainly learned what muscles I need to work on for next time, not to mention my fitness levels.

Even though the climb was challenging the beauty of the journey was breath taking. And, when we reached the summit the view was spectacular, we felt like we were on the top of the world.

There are many keys to powerfully achieving goals and these are just a few of them. Now is the perfect time to get focused and achieve what you want, so give them a go and if you need more help contact me, I’d love to help.