One thing I have learned in the last couple of years is that if something is worth having it generally doesn’t come easy.

When we want something out of the ordinary or something that we’ve never experienced before, then we are obviously going to have to grow as a person to achieve that, because we must challenge ourselves by taking different actions.

Not everything goes to plan and people don’t always support us. We quite possibly will experience some disappointments along the way.

We will make mistakes and do things that don’t work out as planned.

But, the thing is we learn from that and the mistake we made is often a blessing because it helps us find other opportunities to help us achieve what we want.

We learn about ourselves and develop ourselves and with a great mindset we emerge wiser and more determined than ever.


Through all this I have found that persistence and flexibility is key.

If plan A doesn’t work then go to plan B or plan C. Do everything you possibly can to achieve what you want!

Always be curious and flexible in your approach and ask yourself questions that will give you the answers to move you forward;

What else is possible? 

What else can I do? 

What is it that I’m not seeing yet?

Learn to manage your emotions!

Because, when you do that you are able to keep that motivation and persistence even when the going gets tough!

And remember, that wherever you are and wherever you want to be there is always a way to get there!

Never give up on your dream!

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