The last few weeks of the year always seem to be crazy for so many people. For me this year though it seems calm, which I have to admit feels pretty damn good.

I’m achieving as much or probably even more than last year, but it feels so much easier.

So what am I doing differently?

Well this year I planned extremely effectively and way in advance. Now before you yawn and start doing something else, give me a minute.

Most of the time, I notice people doing their goal setting in a hurried way. There is resistance to planning because they feel its something they should do, not something they want to do.

What if effective planning is done in a way where it helps you achieve what you want and have a fun, happy life too? And what if you do your goal setting and planning because it gives you things that are important to you instead of feeling you have to.

To set goals and plan effectively means starting way before the beginning of the year and it doesn’t even begin with goal setting, it begins with reflection. Because when you reflect, it gives you essential information to make better choices next year and to help you plan out your year with more balance, in a way that gives you time for you and the fun things you enjoy.

When you do it this way, it increases your achievements.

I’ve been reflecting back at different milestones throughout the whole year and that’s why I’m in this calm place now. I’m reaping the benefits.

Reflection is where we gain wisdom. It’s when we allow ourselves space and time to think back over the year and learn something from what we see.

Notice your achievements and highlights
Many people just look for what they didn’t achieve and this means they miss so much gold to help them next year, not to mention killing motivation. Reflect back over the year month by month and acknowledge your achievements and highlights. Write them down, make a note of how you did it and what you did well.

Make a note of what worked well
Often we will use a strategy that works well and instead of using it again and improving on it, we try something else next time. When we do this we never really gain traction. Write down a list of the strategies you used that worked really well, document the steps you took and note down ways you can improve on it.

Look for the lessons
Most people are focused mainly on the challenges; its part of the human condition. So it’s much easier to find these in the reflection process. What’s even more important is to look for the lessons in them, because every challenge has them and it’s the lessons that give us the wisdom to improve and grow the following year. Write down the challenges you have experienced and the lessons gained. Give yourself plenty of time to do this because it can take a while.

Be grateful
It’s easy to be grateful for the wonderful things that happen, and not so easy to be grateful for the challenges. It’s the challenges that help us grow into who we need to be to really enjoy and handle the life we want. Because its the challenges that bring us the lessons. Write down a list of this year’s experiences, the achievements, the lessons, the people and the events you are grateful for and really feel the appreciation.

You are now in a wonderful place to begin goal setting and planning for the New Year ahead. Look out for my New Year blog where I will help you make this process easier and more effective for you, so its something you want to do.

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Much love to you xx