It’s the start of the new financial year, a time I love because it feels like I am having a second fresh start to the year.

I’ve been busy clearing out my emails this week, because it always makes me feel that I am clearing the way for new opportunities and possibilities in my life and business.

A favourite and much loved NLP mentor and trainer of mine once said to me “when you declutter your environment it allows space for a new start.”

If we are holding onto old possessions or practices when we no longer use them or they no longer work for us, then we are interrupting the flow because there is no room for anything else to come in. Its kind of like a traffic jam, there is no room to move.

When we declutter it not only refreshes our energy, it also creates a void that can be filled with something new and exciting. It maintains the flow.

I’ve discovered a number of areas of our life that can be decluttered to refresh our energy and make way for a great start. And we will start with the most commonly talked about:

Declutter your home environment – It’s important that our home is our haven where we feel peace and calm and if it is regularly de-cluttered we can maintain this feeling. If you live with family or a partner who aren’t particularly tidy, then find a space in your home that is yours and make sure it stays clutter free.

Declutter your work environment – When our work-space is clutter free then we can think more clearly and this increases productivity, it also helps us see new opportunities. File things away, throw out what is no longer needed and this includes emails. When you do this you clear the way for new business to come in.

Declutter your goals – I ran a master class the other evening and one of my clients shared he had goals that were no longer important, and this is often the case. Life changes and when we regularly reflect on our goals, we are able to see if they are still relevant. This means changing or adjusting your goals so you can leave space to focus on goals that will benefit you more.

Declutter your friendships – We often hold onto friendships when they no longer work. We all go through difficult times in our life and need support and a place where we can offload, and that’s okay. But some friends consistently drain our energy. It may sometimes be difficult to do, but we can do this with love and it really is necessary to distance ourselves from friendships that drain our energy or drag us down. This leaves space for new friendships to appear that support, sustain and nurture us.

Declutter your thoughts – Negative thinking seems to be part of the human condition and we are all guilty of it from time to time. If we have regular negative thoughts then it lowers our vibration and this attracts more things to be negative about. When you de clutter your thoughts then it allows space for positive experiences to appear. A great way to do this is to start a gratitude journal and write in it each day.

Declutter your language – The language we use influences what we achieve in our life and what we don’t. If we tell ourselves we “can’t” do something or we will “try” to do something, we find as many reasons as possible to not do it, whether we tell ourselves we don’t enough time or money or some other reason that fits. Declutter your language and tell yourself you “can” do it, you “will” do it or you “choose to” do it and ask yourself when and how you will.

Declutter your body – During busy periods time gets short and it may seem easier to grab something quick on the way home, food which is often high in all the things that clutter our body. Say no to unhealthy food. When you de-clutter your body by eating a diet that is high in fresh and whole foods, and drink plenty of water then you will notice you have more energy and feel lighter.

Declutter your habits – At the beginning of the year many people set a new years resolution to start a new habit, whether it’s to start a new dance class, learn how to paint, meditate or study. The thing is they forget to stop the habits that don’t serve them and clutter their life, like watching Netflix or TV or spending too much time on Facebook. When you de clutter your unhelpful habits then you create space for the new and exciting.

Declutter your rituals – I am a big believer in self care rituals and it’s how I start each day. One thing I have learned though is that not all rituals suit all people. If you are doing a self care ritual that isn’t giving you what you want then replace it with one that does. This might mean you stop struggling to do silent meditation and start doing guided meditation, you may swap running for walking or you might swap yoga for TaiChi.

I would love to know what your de-clutter ritual is because there are so many of them. Send me an email and let me know if there are any other areas you have de cluttered and the benefits you have noticed. Oh, and remember to give these a go and notice how clear it feels!