If you want to know why it’s sometimes challenging to achieve what you want understanding your energy type might give you clues. The insights associated with this may also give you some direction into how to change too.

The creators of NLP state that the way we filter information can affect our perception. And it’s our perception that influences our responses. And therefore our life experiences including whether we achieve what we want.

I can’t count the amount of instances I have seen proof of this being true; both in my own life, and in the lives of my clients. We can only achieve what we perceive is possible.

This means anything outside of that perception we’re unable to see, unless we are willing to adjust and challenge our view-point. If we can’t see it of course we limit our potential to achieve it.

Within this though are four energy types, and they view the world in different ways. These energy types have a variety of needs, wants and desires.

We all essentially fall into one or more of those energy types. And the wants associated with our energy type can get in the way of us achieving what we want. They can also empower us to reach our outcomes depending on the energy type and the kind of goal pursued.

Without type casting ourselves it can be helpful to see which type we may gravitate toward the most. With this awareness we become conscious of the important changes we can make.

The energy type who wants to win can achieve goals alone easily

This type of person is very competitive and motivated by their outcomes. So you might wonder why this might hold them back. It’s can be because this energy type also can have challenges motivating a team. In fact they often don’t see the value of a team unless they have done personal development work.

They are more interested in what’s in it for them or their business. And they will be like a dog with a bone until they achieve what they want.

If they work alone and their success isn’t reliant on anyone else this is fine. But when other people come into the picture, they can seriously get in their own way. And no one is an island. Whether it be a team member, clients or a partner, we all need others eventually.

The energy type who wants to be liked

If you are the type who wants to be liked, then you tend to be motivated by people. The journey is more important than the outcome and you want to have fun in the process. You also don’t feel that great if you think people don’t like you. This means you are likely to make choices to make sure they do.

One of the great things about this type is that they love adventure and doing new things. But it’s their need to be liked that can get in the way. Because, this type often hold themselves back to make sure they don’t upset someone else. They can also get in their own way if their aspirations require them to do something on their own. Of if something doesn’t feel like much fun they can distract themselves a lot.

The energy type who wants to be comfortable

This type of person feels more comfortable with routines and repetitive processes. Because of this they find it difficult to do new things without a lot of consideration and support. In fact they find change quite challenging as a whole. Which means it may take them a long time to achieve what they want. This is because in order to achieve anything we need to step out of our comfort zone.

They also prefer to do things together because this makes them feel more comfortable. Which is fine if they want to achieve team goals or family goals. But not if there is something they want to achieve personally.

And last but definitely not least, the energy type who wants to be right

If you are this energy type then you probably like to be accurate and you will focus on the details to make sure you are.

The type that wants to be right dislikes change the most and will do anything to avoid it. They often suffer with perfectionism and of course this causes procrastination. This type prefers to do things alone, but needs plenty of proof before deciding to do anything. And no one achieves anything by continuously putting things off.

Of course the need to be right can also get in the way of building great relationships too. That’s something else to be aware of if having a more connected relationship is on your goal list.

Conscious awareness is the first step to change

If any of this resonated you are now aware. Take note of what feels like your own behaviours, wants, needs and desires. With this conscious awareness you are able to make the necessary changes to achieve what you want. Explore what sits behind those behaviours and make consistent adjustments where necessary.

Working with a good coach will assist you to speed this process up. Especially a coach who is qualified and experienced coaching with the four energy types. To have your energy type profile done or see how this style of coaching can help you achieve what you want. Whether aspirations are for your life, business or career, book your initial connect call HERE