Have you ever wondered why some people frequently experience a huge amount of fulfilment in life?

But for some of us, no matter what we do, we feel like we’re missing something. And the worst part of it is we don’t know what that missing piece is.

You’re not unhappy; in fact life’s possibly sailing or plodding along, but you’re not fully happy either.

What’s funny is that when you feel like you want more from life, you seem to notice everyone who has what you don’t. Just like you notice couples holding hands when you’re single. Or a friend with a career they love when you’re sick of the job you’re doing or sitting around wondering what to do.

And this ignites the desire for fulfilment even more, but still nothing changes.

Through my own experience and my work as a coach, I know complete happiness is entirely possibly for anyone. And age is no barrier to this. The amount of fulfilment you feel in life is totally your choice and it’s entirely up to you.

So what’s the difference between those of us who have it and those who don’t?

Well, I believe it’s a non-negotiable key and it is the decision to inexcusably show up for yourself.

As you make this vital commitment to you and your life, you play an active role in your own levels of fulfilment. By making a stand for yourself in this way, anything you really want comes within your reach.

Easy to say, but even the phrase itself is quite ambiguous. So what does it mean to inexcusably show up for yourself?

Making a decision to put yourself first helps bring fulfilment

If you’ve always put others first, this may sound a bit selfish. But it’s not and I want to explain why.

Of course, it’s important to consider the needs of others, especially those close to us. But in the act of always putting others first, we tend to lose a sense of who we are. If we lose ourselves how on earth are we meant to know what we’ll find fulfilling? And over time we become dependent on other people for our happiness and that’s a huge load for the other party to carry.

So before you put off that class or put your journal back in the drawer because someone else needs you, pause. Make a more conscious decision with consideration for you first.

People who show up for themselves seize new opportunities

It’s a fact and one that I have seen play out over and over again.
Comfort zone living feels easy, but eventually can become dull and boring. Stepping out of the usual, however, is where the gold lies as far as fulfilment is concerned.

Most of us prefer the comfort of our usual confines and that’s why complete happiness eludes us. We look new opportunities in the eye and then find a reason not to do them. Or we take so long to decide that we miss our chance to say yes.

Showing up for yourself means saying yes to opportunities, no matter the discomfort. For example doing a new course, even if it feels a bit scary. Over time it will start to feel like the norm.

And that brings me to the next insight.

Showing up means not ripping yourself off with excuses

This is a big one and something I see both women and men do, regardless of age and wisdom.

Fear, nervousness or even apprehension can cause us to make excuses rather than just taking the bull by the horns. Limiting beliefs are often at the core of it, but even people with this awareness still throw themselves into this unhelpful vortex.

And they make excuses such as;
It’s not the right time
I can’t afford it
The day is wrong
I don’t have the time
I can’t do it because (insert reason here)

If any of these excuses sound familiar, I want you to become aware of it right now. Make a decision to change it and stop ripping yourself off!

Finally, showing up for you is making a commitment to living a life of fulfilment

And this means making a commitment to put yourself first and stop making excuses. It also means seizing new opportunities instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth.

When we decide we want something, the universe generally conspires to bring it to us. And it does this by way of opportunities. Because if we want something we don’t have, it usually means we need to do something we’ve never done.

Yet so many of us are not willing to commit to that perfect opportunity when it appears. This means we’re not willing to commit to ourselves.

Think about this from the view of the universe itself. Imagine giving someone a gift and that person turns away from it. Would you ever attempt to give that person a present again?

Probably not, right?

When the universe answers your wishes with an opportunity it’s time to partner with it. Ditch the excuses, put yourself first and make that commitment to showing up for you. This is the way to living a thriving life of fulfilment and one that lights you up from the inside.

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