Have you ever been offered an opportunity to do something new that could possibly help you in achieving goals? And you’ve felt that small but powerful flame of fear ignite in your belly.

Fear is one of the key roadblocks to success for many people. It can even get in the way of them seeing what they want to achieve. Let alone taking the actions to get there.

Nervousness and doubt come up in many different instances. And it doesn’t matter if we avoid some things, because the consequences aren’t great. The problem arises when fear stops us doing something important. We know that particular action will be instrumental in achieving goals.

Regularly challenging yourself to do new things is key in both your own growth and the growth of your career or business. Einstein shared a great pearl of wisdom about this;
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

There seems to be a general misconception around fear. If you build your confidence first, then it will be easier to step through your comfort zone. It does sounds quite valid in some ways, doesn’t it, but the opposite is actually true.

When you do the thing that scares you, the fear disappears and you achieve your goals. Plus you then feel an increase in confidence to do more.

Susan Jeffers, the author of “Feel the fear and do it anyway” says “The fear will never go away as long as you continue to grow”.

I love this because it helps us accept that fear is a normal part of growth. It also shows us that taking new actions are stepping stones to achieving goals.

So it’s just about learning how to move through the fear. And over the years I’ve learnt a thing or two. Some of what I’ve learned you can see in the behaviour of a warrior.

Being brave helps you step through your comfort zone

I am a great fan of Outlander and I’m currently waiting for the next release. Apart from the romance, it’s the story of some of the bravest warriors in Scottish history. It’s filled with passion and purpose and if you’ve never seen it I highly recommend it.

Certainly those warriors would have felt fear when faced with their battles, often to their death. Courage would have been their friend during those times.

Courage is not about having no fear. It is taking the action while you still feel the fear. As you do this more often, you will notice it becomes easier each time. This is because it starts to feel like a normal part growth.

Focusing on your passion dissipates self-doubt

One of the things I have noticed about warriors is that they are extremely passionate about their cause. It’s the passion that morphs fear into excitement and drive in many ways

Focus on what you are passionate about in a new situation. As you do this you will feel more of a sense of purpose and drive. This will see you through to completion even helping you enjoy the process.

So if you’re public speaking for example, focus on your passion for your message and what it will give others. If it’s the thought of that first gym visit igniting self-doubt, focus on the passion for achieving your goals.

Seeing yourself succeeding helps you achieve goals

Often when you feel fear, it’s because you’re afraid you might fail or make a mistake. When you focus on this, the fear increases. And I am certain that no warrior went into battle focusing on losing.

Change your focus to one of success. See yourself completing and succeeding. As you do this you will notice that your confidence begins to increase. You can use your imagination and picture this in your minds eye. Or you can even practice what you are intending to do before you do it for real. Imagine succeeding and being cheered on.

What’s important to remember is that the more nervous you feel the more opportunity you have for victory. Some form of fear is always present when we grow. So celebrate that flame when it appears. Stop thinking about it, just jump in and do it.

Sometimes courage builds easier and you can achieve goals faster when you have the support of a good coach. If you would like to see if coaching is a good fit for you and what you want to achieve, book your complimentary initial call HERE