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Prioritizing growth: How to say no with grace

If you’re a busy person you probably love to help out and say yes a lot when people ask you to do something for them. While this feels good, you might notice that there is rarely time left over for what you want to do and prioritizing yourself is something you’re not...

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How to make this a New Year of growth

As the sun rose on a brand new year, I am sure many of us felt renewed hope for the next 12 months, most especially after the experience of 2020. There would have been a difference in the tone of the traditional New Year’s resolutions and goals. And possibly even more...

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Why you might still feel tired even with self care

Do you have a self care routine and yet still feel tired or lacking in energy? During busy times of the year and especially now leading up to Christmas we most definitely need to practice the art of self care. However, if we don’t have awareness of what true personal...

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3 Steps To Overcome Beliefs That Limit Your Life

Do you want to change or design your next life chapter, but feel like something is stopping you? Or perhaps you already know you have beliefs that are getting in the way. From the moment we take our first breath on this wonderful planet we have life experiences. And...

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Is it a crisis or transition?

We have a number of different turning points in life where we could feel like we are in crisis. What is often believed to be crisis is really just a crossroads that brings us into a space of transition. This is because it brings with it a whole treasure trove of new...

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