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Persistence: The Secret to Achievement

Do you remember buying your first car? I don't know about you, but I saved for ages, like we did for most things we wanted back then. It required persistence to reach our target and bring home that thing we had been drooling over for months. It’s not easy to sacrifice...

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Clarity Gained From Confusion: Six Simple Steps

Are you starting this year feeling confused instead of having clarity of direction? The trend of late is to be clear and have a plan set weeks before the New Year even starts. I love this concept and have practiced it myself successfully. However for some, this...

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Decade in Reveue: Ending this cycle

Reflecting on this decade, 2019 hasn't been the easiest for our family. The most significant reason being that I lost my dear dad suddenly in June. The circle of life is an amazing thing, because shortly before we lost him, we had wonderful news of a new life...

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Productivity and Presence: The Intriguing Link

Recently I made yoga practice part of my rituals again. It never fails to amaze me how much clearer I feel at the end of each class. I leave feeling focused and present, and I find this increases my productivity. After my class this morning, I sat and talked to my...

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Exponential Growth From Transforming Unwanted Change

The business and entrepreneurial journey, as with many others, seems to set into motion the opportunity for quite rapid and exponential growth. This doesn’t always mean instant growth in our business, but it does mean ever increasing expansion within ourselves if we...

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Revealing Insights To Amp Up Motivation and Achievement

Have you ever wondered what affects your motivation levels? Maybe you’ve never really thought about this, but it is a question worth pondering. The way we are motivated plays a huge role in how successful we are and how much we achieve. The thing is, most people don’t...

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