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Why self care is even more important right now

Do you self-care during busy times? Self-care comes in many different forms, from meditating right through to building personal wealth. The kind of self-care I am referring to is allowing regular time and space to nurture yourself, relax and recharge. I always find,... read more

What’s all the fuss about goal setting anyway?

Do you set goals and yet you don’t always meet the target? Maybe you have set goals in the past, but you’re not consistent or you don’t bother anymore because you’ve never really been able to get why they are so important. Up until six years ago, I hadn’t a clue why... read more

How often do you get in your own way?

I was on a call the other day with a beautiful woman who has decided to reach for the stars. It really excites me when I hear a vision like this. The thing is her fear of failure was leading her to choose to get in her own way. And I say choose, because it is a choice... read more

How to start the financial year with a clean slate

It’s the start of the new financial year, a time I love because it feels like I am having a second fresh start to the year. I’ve been busy clearing out my emails this week, because it always makes me feel that I am clearing the way for new opportunities and... read more

How to not give up on your goals

Last week, I took my mid year break and my boyfriend took me to Fitzroy Island for a few days escape. Lucky me!! We are so blessed to have this beautiful place just on our doorstep. I love that technology doesn’t work properly there with limited phone and internet... read more