Cyclones are a natural weather pattern here in Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia where I live. And because they are natural it’s a challenge we are pretty comfortable with preparing for during our wet season. However sitting waiting for a cyclone to pass in December is extremely rare and yet that’s what I’m doing right now. What a cleansing way to end 2023 and start the new year.

Cyclones can be very destructive and thankfully with this one that isn’t the case. As a category two and not being directly in the firing line, thankfully we are just receiving a nice cleanse. However if we hadn’t done pre preparation we wouldn’t be fairing so well and neither would our neighbours.

Cyclone preparation can give clues into how to start a new year well

As I’m watching the strong wind and the rain outside, I sit in awe of the power and magnificence of nature. Even in her fierceness, she is incredibly beautiful. I reflect on what we have prepared around our home and as a community to get ready for this to pass safely. And I’ve realised that these activities can give us some clues into how to make our passage through to 2024 in the best way possible.

Clearing our property created space for her to pass through safely

We hear a lot about decluttering and certainly cyclone preparation includes a lot of that. But we mostly focus on material things like old pots and loose pavers around the garden. We load dead palm fronds and garden debris into the ute and take them to the tip. Things like garden Christmas decorations and icicle lights from the front of the house were also removed. Anything that a very strong wind can make airborne needs to be removed so she can pass through without causing harm.

Getting clear on our outcomes for the year is important, but it’s not the whole story. If we’ve got clutter that can get in the way we’re not well prepared. Our desired outcome for the cyclone was that we and our community stay safe, but knowing that outcome isn’t enough, we need to take the actions necessary for that to happen.

So we can prepare for a new year in the same way by taking action. Decluttering our physical environment of things that are no longer needed allows us to think a lot clearer. It also creates an energetic space for what we most want to experience in the coming year.

The decluttering of old habits and behaviours can also be very beneficial. Deciding what no longer works in creating the experiences you want and letting them go. This creates space for new habits and behaviours that do support you in achieving exactly what you want.

Gathering appropriate resources gave us what we needed to weather the storm

This is so important because without it we wouldn’t have had light when we lost power or the ability to cook food. We also wouldn’t have had the ability to stay informed during the cyclone if we’d lost internet, which can often happen. Essential resources for a cyclone are drinking water, food, batteries, candles, gas, a battery operated radio amongst a number of other things.

What isn’t needed is copious amounts of toilet paper, huge amounts of bread and many other things that a lot of people hoarded. This caused a gross waste of money and made it difficult for other members of the community to be prepared.

Experiencing a beneficial new year can also be enjoyed by gathering appropriate resources too. Once we’re clear on the outcomes we want, it’s important to have the right resources to achieve them. And if you don’t it’s essential to look for them. Vital resources may be things like certain skills that you might need to learn or strengths you can utilise. Helpful information you need to research. The support of a mentor or coach can assist you to gather the right resources instead of hoarding what isn’t needed and doesn’t help.

Not buying into fear has enabled us to think effectively to move towards the outcome we wanted

This is a big one in the lead up to a cyclone. Not buying into the fear means that our behaviour is more helpful It helps us take the actions we need to reach our outcome. Also supporting the outcome of our community of staying safe too. It stops us hoarding for one or adding to the collective energy of panic.

Fear during a cyclone build up is mostly due to media over dramatisation unfortunately. They tell stories of what has happened in previous higher category cyclones too. Having awareness of media antics allows us to stay calm and focused, no matter what we are hearing. This is a good thing. It enables us to stay objective to what is going on around us.

In the same way awareness of the fears that may come up in reaching any outcome for the new year is essential. Also understanding what sits behind our fear and shifting this is paramount. The ability to stay objective to horror stories told by other people of their own experiences will serve you well. Just because someone else didn’t get the outcome they wanted doesn’t mean you won’t. Especially when you’re prepared.

Looking for what could go wrong has empowered us to develop a contingency plan

Gathering the appropriate resources is one of the behaviours that results from looking at what can go wrong. This came from developing a contingency plan as to what we would do if we lost power. We also looked at actions needed should we lose our clean water supply. Plus we needed to know what we would do if there were floods and we couldn’t go out for supplies afterwards.

A few days before the cyclone came in we did what was needed to meet that contingency plan. My partner and I had a checklist. We both went out separately in different directions to bring in the resources needed. We also sat down and discussed our plans.

One of the things that often gets in the way of people meeting their new year goals is fear of what could go wrong. Or fear of failure. Pretending that doesn’t exist just buries the fear, it doesn’t address it. But taking an honest look at what could go wrong then thinking strategically to develop a contingency plan helps dissipate the fear. That means you have a plan to fall back on and you stop letting fear get in the way.

Letting go into the flow has allowed us to enjoy the journey

Watching the gloriousness of the wild weather during the cyclone is spectacular. Because we had prepared well, we are able to let go and relax into the flow of it. We’re actually enjoying the cyclone journey.

If it was a more severe cyclone then we would have had a different contingency plan and had prepared differently. Possibly we wouldn’t be admiring the magnificence of nature, but we would have still known what to do. This would have dissipated the fear and allowed us to just move with the flow.

As you prepare to start your new year remember this. When you’ve decluttered what isn’t helpful and gathered the appropriate resources, you have what you need to begin your new year journey. By understanding why you are overly nervous it helps you breakthrough what’s getting in the way. And as you develop a contingency plan it assists you to let go of your fears.

Achievement of 2024 outcomes and desired experiences is exciting. But the journey is the most important part because it’s this that brings growth and new awareness. And the journey often comes with challenge. Doing your preparation well allows you to let go into the flow and enjoy that journey no matter what it brings. That truly makes an exceptional year.

Beliefs and patterns of behaviour can sometimes be quite challenging to shift on our own. Even the clarity of what we want can at times elude us. Having the support of a good coach can give you what you need when you meet those obstacles. To see if coaching feels right for you, book your initial complimentary connect call HERE