Are you committed to being the best version of you?

There was a wonderful group of people in my workshop 7 Steps to Success and Happiness at the weekend.  One of the things that we discussed was taking unfamiliar actions in order to reach the outcome and the vision that we wanted to create.

One of the valuable things we talked about was that when we step into the unfamiliar it quite often brings up fear – fear of the unknown, fear of failure, even fear of success!

The life we are living today and our results of today are based on our thoughts and actions of yesterday.  So if we want to create something more extraordinary for ourselves, then we need to start thinking differently and taking unfamiliar steps, to follow the pathway to what we want.

There is no failure, only feedback!

What is helpful to understand is here is the Neuro Linguistic Programming way of thinking and that is that there is absolutely no failure, only feedback that we need to do something differently.  Feedback that we need to change something that we are doing or change the way that we’re thinking or maybe change a belief that we have.  And often the change only needs to be a slight change to make an enormous difference in our results.

If you want to be the best version of you that you possibly can be and live the kind of life that is truly fulfilling and has you leaping out of bed each morning with enthusiasm.  And, maybe up until now you have considered that a life such as this could only be a dream and not possible for you, then think again.

Anything is possible, absolutely anything.  If someone else has achieved what you want then you can too!

Start thinking differently and allow yourself to dream and start asking yourself resourceful questions!

* What is it that you truly want to HAVE more than anything?

* What do you need to DO that is unfamiliar to you that will lead you to the pathway of achieving your dream?

* Who do you need to BE to achieve that?

* What skills, qualities and attributes do you need to develop in yourself?

* What beliefs do you need to change?

* How will you embrace courage to step out of your comfort zone and take those unfamiliar steps?

Start communicating differently with yourself; instead of asking yourself “Why can’t I do that?”  ask yourself “HOW can I do that?”

When you change the way you communicate with yourself and the way you think, the possibilities become endless for you!

You deserve to have what it is that you want and it all begins with choice and making a firm commitment to yourself!

Make that choice and make that commitment to you, because you deserve it!