How often do we sit listening to a news report on the latest disaster that has taken place and has affected the lives of many or doom and gloom about the economy and how it will be ages before we see an improvement?

How many of us allow that to be part of our focus day after day either by watching TV, reading it in the newspaper or listening to it on the radio?

There are so many people that spend hours talking about all the terrible happenings in the world. They talk in detail about the latest break out of fighting, vandalism, gangland killing, war, getting angry with the actions of politicians or getting frustrated with the fact that the price of electricity is going up again.

They spend hours upon hours focusing on things they have absolutely no control or influence over instead of focusing on what they can change.

It is my belief that if we learn to control our thoughts, our emotions and our behaviour, we will lift our own internal state, creating a different kind of energy. When we do this we have an effect on our environment and the behaviour and state of people around us.

This peace and lighter energy will then generate outwards and begin to help others create change and eventually have an energetic affect on a grand scale, bringing more peace to the world. The more people that do this, the greater the effect it will have on the rest of the world and the faster it will happen.

Our mind has a huge effect on our internal state and therefore the energy we create within us. We can change our internal state and in turn our energy merely by changing our thoughts and our focus.

What is our focus on a daily basis?

Are we focusing on all the bad things that happen and actually looking for those things or do we notice the good things that happen?

Because, there are lots of extraordinary and wonderful things that happen in our world too!

Are we focusing on all the problems that we have or are we focusing on the solutions that are there and planning to put them in place?

Our internal state is the way we are feeling inside and the emotions we are experiencing. When we change our internal state from unresourceful to resourceful it affects the way we look and our behaviour.

For example; You may have been retrenched from your job, which you have held for a couple of years. You have many expenses and need the job to pay your bills, you’re wondering how you are going to manage.

You could fall into the blame cycle and find reasons to blame others for your situation, because you think it all just happened to you. When you do this it will possibly create feelings of anger and resentment and close you to any opportunities for great change.

You may want love and support from the people who are close to you, but your emotions are causing you to behave in a certain way towards them, they feel that they can’t do anything right and are pushed away by your anger.

On the other hand you could look at the situation very differently and see it as an opportunity to explore other possibilities.

You may have been wondering about doing something different with your career, but have been a little nervous about change, so have been staying within your comfort zone, the area where you feel comfortable.

This unplanned change is causing you to be pushed outside of your comfort zone so you can explore all the amazing possibilities that are around for you.

Instead of feeling anger and resentment you begin to feel excited at the possibilities and what this can create in your life, you are still nervous as it is something new, but you are more compelled to take action and get out there.

Looking at it this way totally changes your internal state, the way you feel and therefore the energy you are creating. Instead of being pushed away, people are drawn to you and people that can assist you to move forward begin to appear in your life.

Your environment will change faster and in a much more resourceful way, bringing you what you want for your life.

In coaching, we call this reframe. Reframe the way you are looking at something, see your problems as possibilities.

Change your perception of something that is happening around you, to a perception that is going to create that uplifting internal state that you want, something that is really going to work for you.

How do we do this?

Simply by becoming aware of our emotions and the thoughts that are going through our head at the time, then changing them to thoughts that are going to create the feelings that we want.

You may not want to hear this, but just limiting the time we spend listening to the news or even to stop watching it all together can make an enormous difference to the way you think and feel.

Start asking yourself resourceful questions about what is happening around you and how you are feeling.

What emotion are you feeling?

What are you thinking about?

What has happened around you?

What meaning are you attaching to that event and what else could it mean that if you were to change it to that meaning it might create a different feeling and a different outcome for you?

When we focus on what we can control and influence – ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions and our internal state, we can change our environment and possibly the behaviour and state of people around us. If we all work on this actively on a daily basis, we can contribute to that greater energy in a more resourceful way.

I believe that the more of us that effect this change in ourselves on a daily basis, not only will we create more happiness and more success in our own lives, we may also contribute to the faster and greater change of energy in our world and the things that we hear on the news each night will possibly be extremely different to what we hear today.

Always remember to focus and take action on what you can control and influence – you!

Be the change you wish to see in the world! It all begins with you!