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Why you might still feel tired even with self care

Do you have a self care routine and yet still feel tired or lacking in energy? During busy times of the year and especially now leading up to Christmas we most definitely need to practice the art of self care. However, if we don’t have awareness of what true personal...

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3 Steps To Overcome Beliefs That Limit Your Life

Do you want to change or design your next life chapter, but feel like something is stopping you? Or perhaps you already know you have beliefs that are getting in the way. From the moment we take our first breath on this wonderful planet we have life experiences. And...

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Is it a crisis or transition?

We have a number of different turning points in life where we could feel like we are in crisis. What is often believed to be crisis is really just a crossroads that brings us into a space of transition. This is because it brings with it a whole treasure trove of new...

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Cairns Life Coach Tips: Why You Need To Let Go Of Control

The most difficult thing I had to learn to achieve my dreams as a Cairns life coach was the essential practice of letting go of control. And trust me I still don’t have it completely figured out in all aspects of life. I still slip up from time to time because I am...

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Life Coach Tips: The Secrets Of Accomplishment

When I first became a life coach, I learnt the importance of highly effective goal setting. It’s a lengthy process and I can vouch for the power of it. But if we really want to achieve anything, it is so much more than this. And if you are one of those people who...

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